SonsLight Metal Arts is expanding to include Welding and Off Road Trailer Manufacturing.
We are now relocated and "up and running" in Dadeville, Missouri. Check us out on Facebook.

  • Garage Arts
  • Automotive Arts
  • People & Pet Portraits
  • Wall Arts
  • Wildlife Scenes
  • Native American
  • Spiritual & Inspirational Pieces
  • Address Signs
  • Welcome Signs
  • Fence & Gate Inserts
  • Stair Railing Inserts
  • And Much More!

For Prices, Ordering and Additional Information
Contact TJ & Linnette Burnett
Call or Text: bus: 417-262-5940 or cell: 307-710-1833
or Snail Mail: 318 W Kirby St
Dadeville, MO 65635

We will contact you within 24 hours or sooner!
We Now Accept All Major Credit Cards!

Terms of Sale:

Custom designs and sizes are available. Pieces can be custom made for your specific desires.

Prices are quoted for your individual design during consultation and will vary with size and complexity. A fifty percent deposit is due with order. Balance is due before shipping or delivery. Packaging and shipping charges are separate and based on actual costs. We look forward to serving you.

About TJ & Linnette

As your Modern Metallurgists, TJ and Linnette have incorporated many years of Artistry, Computer Graphics, Design,

Fabrication, Welding and Creative Manufacturing into a new modern art form. Working together, we translate your ideas from dreams to realities.

Our creations are not just flat, plate gray steel cut out pieces. We add the magic of subtle hues and vivacious colors, dimensionality and imagination to bring them to life.

From Peaceful Pieces to Manic Metals!

Our Process
Someone's got to make the computer talk to the table. Newest creation in progress for Garage art starts with a rendering of an Evo engine.

Our creative process begins with your vision. Our desire is to turn that vision into a reality.

Your vision begins as a sketch, the sketch becomes a drawing, the drawing becomes a computer rendering, and the computer rendering morphs into a cacophony of computer guided lightning and near supersonic winds, cutting and shaping solid steel.

Computer guided lighting cutting and shaping solid steel.

Then, there remains a physical, touchable rendering of your vision… a still unfinished piece of metal art. This unfinished piece of art is then massaged, caressed, smoothed, contoured and polished in preparation for still more to come.


As your Modern Metallurgists, we are not content with mere gray steel. We then mystically inject your “vision brought to life” with a pallet of patinas, dyes, stains and paints to expose the colors and hues of our alchemy.

The final touch is a smooth layer of clear coating to highlight, preserve and protect your piece of art for years to come, indoor or outdoor.